Our Company

ShopperX was born from the idea that winning and retaining the shopper is the main objective for FMCG & Retail companies, and for that is mandatory to have clear strategies, robust processes, trained and motivated teams and a complete understanding of consumer, shopper, customers and competition. And this is where ShopperX can help companies to make a difference.

ShopperX is a young, modern, highly professional boutique consulting firm. This means that we only focus our services into what we are really experts and hold a great deal of expertise (that´s what the X in ShopperX stands for): Sales & Marketing topics.

We have highly successful professionals working with us, with a long industry career that enable us to eliminate the theoretical bias: we won´t be only delivering a nice theoretical model. We are passionate to see our projects come to life and delivering clear results. Along with a flexible, professional team, our associates network across the Region and our partnerships with top tier companies, strengthen our relevance and analysis and execution capabilities.

Joaquín Galarreta
Executive Director